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Who We Are

God is growing us into a family of believers who love Jesus more than anything else and serve each other with grace. We believe everything should be about Jesus, the Savior. We want everyone to know Him. That means ANY kind of person is welcome here and will be loved, regardless of their past or present struggles. We take the Bible seriously, teaching what it says without adding the world’s opinions to it. God’s word is all we need.

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LIFE Groups


LIFE Groups are an essential part of the Christian life at Koinos. They keep you connected with other people who are learning to understand and grow and live according to God's Word, the Bible. LIFE Group is where you stay plugged in, where you receive and provide some of the essentials of life: acceptance, prayer, guidance, counsel, wisdom, love, support, encouragement, and fellowship. Each LIFE Group is made up of people like you and me, working together to reach our common goal of becoming more like Him. Become a part of a LIFE Group today!.

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Latest From Pastor's Blog

Next Steps Class: Biblical Theology

10 July 2015

The life of the believer is in knowing the word of God and applying it...

Next Steps Class: Preparing For Missions

10 July 2015

God has called us all to the mission of taking the gospel to the nations....

Next Steps Class: Why We Pray

10 July 2015

For many the next step that needs to be taken is to grow in their...

Why Homosexuality Is Not Like Other Sins

26 June 2015

Here's a good article written by Jonathan Parnell over at the blog of Homosexuality...

Homosexuality: What Does the Bible Say; What Should Christians Do?

25 June 2015

Is God anti-gay? Does the Bible condone or condemn homosexuality? All Christians and...

What Is Your Next Step?

25 June 2015

God has called you to grow to full maturity as a disciple of Jesus. ...

Circumcision, Baptism, Passover, Communion - More Signs From God

13 March 2015

This Sunday's sermon will cover Joshua chapter 5. Two huge theological Old Testament matters...

Signs From God – Really? Here’s More

11 March 2015

So on my last post I gave a list of examples in the Bible where...

What About Asking God For A Sign?

08 March 2015

The question is asked often about asking God for a sign regarding a decision that...

Read The Bible in 2015

27 December 2014

Living to please God and growing in His love requires that we depend daily on...

40-Day Prayer Guide for Unengaged People Groups

20 November 2014

In my message this Sunday I plan to challenge our church to go deeper in...

A Reformed and Refreshing Perspective on Productivity

14 November 2014

So I just got this new book, highly recommended by Pastor John Piper, What’s Best...

Faithful Service to Our Children

30 October 2014

I’d like to take this opportunity to give a load of appreciation to our Children’s...

Are all sins the same? Yes and no.

07 October 2014

In our church wide study on Kevin DeYoung's book, The Hole In Our Holiness, a...

What’s The Big Deal If All Sins Are The Same Or Not?

06 October 2014

If you’ve looked at the lists of Bible passages on the prior post you might...

Modesty Is A Part Of Holiness

02 October 2014

As our church studies God’s call to holiness in 1 Peter and we read The...

An Important Balance In Understanding Holiness

23 September 2014

ll our church wide study, on The Hole In Our Holiness by Kevin DeYoung, has...

Should We Believe The Doctrine Of Election? Yes.

15 September 2014

Sunday’s sermon, introducing the series on 1 Peter, brought up a huge theological discussion topic,...

Open Your Mouth And Talk About Spiritual Matters

18 June 2014

Today, God stirred my soul in my devotional reading and I needed it. I...

Men, Do Something To Grow And Care For Your Family

15 June 2014

For Father’s Day, here is some encouragement to ALL men. Take some steps to...

You Should Add This Commentary To Your Library – Here’s Why

12 June 2014

I hope you will add The Reformed Expository Commentary Series ( utm_medium=blog utm_content=prepub_get20offreformed utm_campaign=logos2014q2) ...

Parents, You and Your Teen Should Read This Book

28 May 2014

Here’s a great new book from B H Publishing that every parent with a teenager...

Family Worship – Opportunity to Talk About Everything, Including Racism

30 April 2014

Parents, I am very encouraged by the number of you in our church and in...

Heart Renewal in the Word this Morning

30 April 2014

There is a regular need I see in myself, my family, and other Christians –...

Mexico Mission Trip: Pray for the Reconciling Power of the Gospel

25 April 2014

As our next Mexico Mission team takes off tomorrow morning, the rest of us are...

Suffering Sunday with Joel Wildberger

24 April 2014

Why have a Suffering Sunday? We’re doing it at Koinos because there’s a ton...

Thoughts on Suffering from Job

24 April 2014

This Sunday at Koinos will be Suffering Sunday – a day to acknowledge that there...

3 Marks of Humility in a Disciple of Jesus

08 April 2014

Since humility is one of the clearest attributes seen in our Lord (Philippians 2:5-8)...

Jesus Defeats Eating Disorders

28 March 2014

Today in Troy Christian High School Chapel Koinos member, Sarah Landfair, shared her story of...

How We Should Respond to World Vision’s Repentance?

27 March 2014

I am amazed by the amount of God’s grace shown to all of us surrounding...


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We take the Bible seriously, teaching what it says without adding the world’s opinions to it. God’s word is all we need.

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  • Hebrews: Jesus Is Superior, Pursue Him
    Johnathan Newman
    Hebrews: Jesus Is Superior, Pursue Him
  • Hebrews: Jesus Is Superior, Pursue Him
    Johnathan Newman
    Hebrews: Jesus Is Superior, Pursue Him
  • Hebrews: Jesus Is Superior, Pursue Him
    Johnathan Newman
    Hebrews: Jesus Is Superior, Pursue Him
  • Hebrews: Jesus Is Superior, Pursue Him
    Johnathan Newman
    Hebrews: Jesus Is Superior, Pursue Him